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Ask an Expert

Christal Valbracht

Mar 1, 2023

Home and Property Maintenance

Welcome to Ask an Expert: Home and Property Maintenance. Each month our featured home and property expert will answer questions that provide information, tips and advice on a medley of homeowner topics. We hope to help our readers gain new insights into a variety of local home service professionals, services and products. Our goal is to make maintaining your home easier and empower you with the knowledge that you need to be a successful homeowner in the TableRock lake area. Let’s get started.

Who is our March expert?

“Tyrel Middleton, Service Manager with AireServ Heating and Air Conditioning of Springfield/Branson.”

What services do you offer?

“AireServ provides professional maintenance, repair and installation of home comfort systems with residential properties in the Springfield and Branson area. We also prioritize indoor air quality (IAQ) and provide services as well as equipment to ensure your home has healthy air.”

Are there any signs to look for that indicate that you need to service your HVAC system?

“Absolutely. If you are experiencing high utility usage, extended run times on your system, or if the system is not keeping up and maintaining set temperatures, you probably need to have it looked at.”

How important is duct cleaning? Why?

“Duct cleaning is very important. It keeps dust from building up, allows the heating and cooling systems to operate more efficiently and keeps your home environment healthier in terms of air quality, allergies, etc.”

How often should you have your air ducts cleaned?

“It is recommended to have your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years.”

I’ve noticed that one side of my house has a different temperature than the other side. Why is that?

“There could be many factors, but the most common possibilities are the way duct work is designed, the outside environmental infiltration, a leaky window, trees shading more of one side of the house than the other or even simply the age of the house.”

How important is it to get the right sized system for your house?

“It is critical. The wrong sized system can cause issues. You need to make sure the system is designed for the heat load of the house. For example, if you have a system that is too large you will not be able to remove moisture in the Summertime. That will cause moisture issues such as biological growth. In Wintertime, the system will short cycle. That means the system will kick on and off more frequently. That can cause premature compressor failure.”

How often should I change my unit’s filter?

“We recommend every month…no matter what filter you purchase? Some houses may require twice a month.”

Other than changing the filter, what else can I do as a homeowner to properly care for my HVAC unit?

“Get on a maintenance schedule with your HVAC provider.”

I see that AireServ offers an Advantage Plan. What is that?

“Our Advantage Plan is a maintenance program that provides two maintenance services a year. We check all electrical and refrigerant components for proper operation. We also clean blower wheels and coils. Advantage Plan members also receive a 15% discount on parts that may be needed throughout the year as well as priority scheduling in the event of a failure.”

Are you offering a special this month for our readers?

“Yes. If you mention this article, we will give you a one-year Advantage Plan for $129.00. (An Advantage Plan is normally $189.00) That’s a great deal for that service.”


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