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Myra Thornton

Mar 1, 2023

National Tiger Sanctuary

When asked why they do what they do, Judy McGee & Keith Kinkade responded, “When we learned of the plight of tigers in the wild, and the problems captive tigers faced, we felt we needed to do something to help. That need soon became our mission.” They were both moved to make a difference by rescuing tigers in need, but they also wanted to educate others.

Giving tigers a healthy, safe and loving home, for the remainder of their life is the main objective. At the same time, they want to educate people of all ages by encouraging a greater connection to nature and these magnificent animals. Increasing awareness of big cats and the issues they face, as well as promoting a closer look at the impact we all make on the world around us can make all of the difference.

This mission grew into what is the National Tiger Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a rescue organization for exotic and domestic animals in need of a safe, permanent home for the rest of their life.

The facility is non-profit and its diverse learning campus is dedicated to exemplary animal care and preservation of the environment. Their educational programs and visitor experiences are offered to foster a love and an appreciation for nature.

Being in the presence of these magnificent animals reminds you how fortunate we really are. The Sanctuary offers many different tours ranging in price from $20 and up.

Please visit their website:


518 State Highway BB Saddlebrooke, MO 65630

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