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National Tiger Sanctuary rescues 3 Mountain Lion Cubs

Introducing 3 new Mountain Lion rescues!

We are the 3 Amigos! Loki, Benji, and Wilcas! These 3 brothers were able to come to the sanctuary this May 2022. They came from a very caring facility, they were not expecting the arrival of these little ones, and needed to find a home fast. We are so glad they were able to reach out to us. For the safety of the cubs, they were cared exclusively by 2 designated staff members around the clock at the sanctuary. Little cubs are fragile, and vulnerable to many diseases. We weren't taking any chances with these guys.

The 3 brothers are now 3 months old and thriving! They have been moved to their outdoor enclosure, at the retirement center where we can keep a close eye on them. You can now see them on our Behind the Scenes Tours! They are very active, and it’s hard to get all 3 in one photo now! As the brothers continue to grow rapidly, soon they will need extra space, and eventually their own spaces. Stay tuned for more updates on the 3 amigos! Come help support the sanctuary and these cuties by taking a behind the scenes tour this fall!

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