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By: Julie Blanner

If you love to snack, you’re going to love snackle boxes! They are everything you love about charcuterie boards, wrapped into the cutest container for travel. Tackle box charcuterie for the win!

This is such a cute way to customize a snack board for your family. We enjoy them on the dock and on the boat all summer at the lake, and the adults love them as much as the kids!

What’s more fun than a delicious snack wrapped into an adorable container?

Not much, in my humble opinion!

We can fill them with a delicious variety of bite sized treats, and we get a big kick out enjoying them when we’re at the lake.

Basically, you’re slicing your favorite fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses and placing them in a tackle box for a clever storage and display method. Add nuts, crackers, cookies and more… we’ll show you all the best ideas.

How To Make A Snackle Box

Start by placing ice boxes at the base of your box to keep the entire snackle box chilled.

Gather ingredients and slice any meats, cheeses and fruits or veggies. Rinse your fruits and veggies first, of course!

We created salami “roses” for a cute touch – so simple, as pictured. Simply layer the salami into a circular wreath shape over the edge of a cup, and then fold into a flower for the container.

Add a layer of parchment paper and then start stacking! We filled the base with crackers and sturdy veggies in one, and in another, we placed squares of cookie and brownie bars. Snap the lid on and enjoy!

How Do You Keep Snackle Boxes Cold?

Be sure to use ice packs (just like you’d use in a lunch box) at the base of your tackle box. That’s what makes these so portable and so handy – the ice is easy to carry in the container just like the food!

What Goes In A Snackle Box?

Anything your heart desires! Here are a few ideas:

Sliced cheeses (or cheese sticks)

Cured Meats




Sliced Peppers


Cherry Tomatoes




Grapes Cookies



Jelly or Jam


Dried Fruit

Gummy Bears or Worms


How To Store

At Room Temperature –

Meats and cheeses can be stored safely at room temperature for up to two hours. When it’s hot, be sure to store and serve on plenty of ice!

Refrigerate –

You can make your snackle box ahead! Simply slice and store in airtight containers up to 48 hours before or after serving.

By Julie Blanner


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