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Table Rock Lake: CAUTION Low Lake Levels

Lake officials are warning boaters to be extra cautious when running on Table Rock Lake. With lake levels at their lowest this year (and the lowest in many years), underwater trees are beginning to show and some are just under the surface.

Normal lake levels have been in the 918-920 range, however this year, we are about 913. Some of these treetops are in depths of 30-40', with the top just below the surface. There are also gravel bars and islands popping up that haven't been seen for a while.

This past weekend many boaters had to call for help, one even taking on water due to damage.

Authorities are encouraging boaters to use chart maps online and Google Earth to locate shallow spots. Always have life jackets onboard, a working cellphone and use caution in areas you are not familiar.

Boat safely, and Rock the Lake!


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